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International Curriculum

Sunrise School follows the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is a thematic based curriculum that allows for experiential learning with a strong focus on inquiry and developing life skills. Our learners dive deep into a new topic each term where they get to explore and discover the theme encompassing all subject areas. This curriculum is used across 2000 schools worldwide. This curriculum allows us to use a variety of teaching techniques to suit every child’s learning style, teach a curriculum that is rich in knowledge, skills and understanding as well as being able to submerge into one area of learning for an extensive length of time.

Our hands-on learning allows the children to be out in the community learning through experiences, you will find us doing beach clean ups, visiting the Safari Park to learn about animals and their habitats, learning how chocolate is made at a chocolate factory or how to compost or recycle in our own gardens at school. To find out more about the IEYC & IPC please see the presentations below.

National Curriculum

Sunrise School also follows the national curriculum using Kurikulum 2013. We also began to introduce Kurikulum Merdeka starting this academic year. These curriculum provide opportunities to our learners to learn language, Indonesian values and cultural elements in profound measure. Align with the IEYC and IPC curriculum, the national curriculum also focuses on children’s needs and how teachers facilitate them to gain knowledge, skills and understanding based on their learning phase.

The national curriculum subjects are as follows:

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Pendidikan Agama dan Budi Pekerti (Religion, compulsory for Indonesian nationals)
  • Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan (Indonesian Citizenship)
  • Sejarah dan Budaya Indonesia (Indonesian Culture)

Curriculum Enrichment

Alongside the International and Indonesian curriculum, it is essential to us to include the following holistic practices to optimise the learning opportunities of our Sunrise learners:


Yoga is taught to all age groups once per week, this lesson is spent in our Yoga shala practicing mindfulness, meditation and a variety of yoga styles.

Mindfulness and Movement

All our staff are trained in Mindfulness and Movement by Yoga for Kids Bali and these skills such as breathing, movement and mindfulness are practiced daily in our morning circles and mindful minutes to teach our learners to self regulate, identify with their emotions and support their own well being.

Gardening & Horticulture

Sunrise students begin learning about how to care for plants and living things from Small World (when they are 18 months old).
The Sunrise School staff have all attended permaculture and gardening courses and we have many community links with organic farmers, environmental organisations and garden experts.
Fruits and vegetables grown in our gardens are harvested by the students and are then sampled or gifted home.
Sunrise School also boasts the first waste water garden in Bali (built in 2000), small ponds, a small stream and showcases wonderful vegetable and flower gardens, a bee hive, chickens and large open garden spaces for the children to play and learn in.

Non Violent Communication (NVC)

Our teachers all trained in NVC and try to use this practice daily in the classroom when communicating and building connection with the children. Children are also taught about the basics of Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication by learning to express their needs and feelings.

Morning Circle and Reflection Times
Every Friday morning, classes take time to be quiet. We meditate together as a community – it’s a wonderful way to start the day! Each class then shares something that they have learnt over the week. Parents are encouraged to come to this session. It is a wonderful way to see what each class has been doing and for students to feel proud in their work. The session is led by different facilitators each week and the types of meditations vary. Parents are most welcome to join us.

Living Values

Using a combination of the UN’s ‘Living Values’, ‘Mind-Up’, ‘Bravehearts’ and ‘Friendly Schools’ programs, we teach protective behaviours, promote life skills including personal and shared values, breadth of experience and understanding of difference, motivate students and involve them in thinking about themselves, others, the world and values in ways that are relevant and also how and why the body and mind work in the ways they do.

Community Outreach and Service

“Act locally” is part of our drive at Sunrise School and we pride ourselves on the opportunites we offer learners to get involved in our local community. From food drives for the less advantaged to river clean ups and coral planting we try our best to do our part.


Another learning opportunity that Sunrise School offers to its learners is a wide range of After School Activities. There are numerous options of fun and juicy activities for your children. They are designed to provide a space and opportunity for the children to develop their interest and hobbies as well as satisfy their curiosity. The activities range from Arts and Crafts, Hip hop dance, Music to Soccer, Basketball, Board Games, Science, Cooking, Martial Arts, Wellness Workshop and Scratch and Coding.