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The History of Sunrise School

Sunrise School was founded in year 2000 by a group of concerned like-minded parents who were unable to find a school with the quality of teaching and care that they wanted for their children. These parents were from diverse backgrounds with a shared vision – “Our aim was to find a community school that helps develop the whole child socially, emotionally and intellectually while nurturing our children’s spirit.” Unable to find the suitable school, they decided to build their own. Children came from everywhere to help build “their own school” and it was an immediate success!

Yayasan Membina Api Cinta Kasih (MACK) or To Cultivate the Fire of Compassion Foundation ​

This non-profit organisation based in Bali was founded in 1998 by a group of individuals whose primary focus was to contribute to the development of Indonesia through educational and environmental projects. The foundation is currently involved in Sunrise School and Matahari Terbit Centre in Kerobokan, Bali.

According to the Articles of Association, the foundation is committed to:

  • Provide educational programs, both formal and informal.
  • Research and develop projects in the field of education and environmental science.
  • Establish children’s libraries.
  • Collaborate with other educational institutions in the field of teacher training, professional development and resource development

Our Pedagogy

We aim to bring our values to life in each learner by providing an integrated learning environment with a strong emphasis on the creative arts and environmental sustainability balancing freedom and structure.

We support learners to meet academic, social and emotional challenges with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems, encouraging students to think globally, act locally and BE totally.

We nurture our learner’s creativity, providing them with a safe space for them to explore, experience and communicate truthfully and authentically.

Our life long learning approach encompasses:

At Sunrise we aim for all our learners to achieve to the best of their ability. We aim to help our kids become learners and thinkers!

Being a member of Sunrise School means being part of a very special community in which we consider our extended family. To develop responsible, caring, passionate, compassionate and confident adults, we offer a variety of programs and carry values throughout our school curriculum and beyond.

Activities are designed to provoke an awareness of values within and build inner resources. They are designed to empower potential creativity and inner gifts. Learners are asked to reflect, imagine, communicate, create, write about, artistically express and play with values. In the process, personal, social and emotional skills develop, as well as peaceful and co-operative social skills.